Latin Mass Wedding

Latin Mass Wedding


A Catholic wedding Mass has two parts:

  1. the Rite of Marriage
  2. the wedding Mass

In my experience, the vast majority of Catholic wedding resources online presuppose that the couple will have a Novus Ordo Mass (the current form of the Catholic Mass) - to say nothing of the fact that most wedding resources focus on the reception.

This website provides information for those who would like a Latin Mass wedding, providing both the essential stuff, and the how & why of Latin Mass weddings.

Wedding photography provided by Africa Schaumann.

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A sister site to Latin Mass Funeral and Latin Mass Baptism.


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Nuptial Blessing

The full text of the 1962 Nuptial Blessing

Rite of Marriage

The full text of the 1962 Rite of Marriage

Wedding Mass

The full text of the 1962 Missa pro Sponso et Sponsa



Benedictio Thalami

The blessing of the bridal bedchamber

Velatio Nuptialis

Information on the custom of the nuptial veil


Catholic history and symbolism of wedding flowers


History of the Rite of Marriage and the Wedding Mass

Marriage Preparation

Recommended resources for those preparing for a Catholic marriage

Married Saints

Married saints in the Catholic Church

Mass Commentaries

Traditional commentaries on the propers of the Wedding Mass


Explanations and examples of Catholic wedding music

Other Rites and Languages

Resources on non-Roman rite and non-English Catholic weddings


A collection of wedding and marriage prayers from old missals and prayerbooks


Templates for Mass programs

Rite of Betrothal

The full text of for the traditional Rite of Betrothal


Rubrics for the Rite of Marriage and the Wedding Mass


A visual walkthrough of a Latin Mass Wedding

About the Latin Mass

Resources for those new to the Latin Mass


A collection of sources about Catholic wedding and engagemenr rings


Links to shops online that provide Catholic wedding resources