About This Site

About Me

My husband and I were married in a Latin Mass wedding in 2018. While we were both very familiar with the Latin Mass, we found that we had a good deal to learn about a Latin Mass wedding. Much knowledge has been lost about nuptial services, liturgies, customs, and expectations.

As a librarian who is chronically unable to be relaxed about anything, I spent much of my wedding planning time accruing piles of research. This website is everything I have found to date.

The texts of the ceremonies are in the Rite of Marriage and the Wedding Mass.

Everything else, from rubrics to roses, can be found under the Planning section.

Most pages have an “About” section at the top, to provide context.

I have an FAQ and a Glossary to get you started.

I also have a personal site full of fun and exciting research.


If you would like help with certain elements of Latin Mass wedding planning, please contact me for a quote. Examples include:

  • Research: such as discovery and history of regional or ethnic Catholic wedding customs
  • Reference: such as customized planning help based on your diocese and resources
  • Mass programs: creation of wedding programs based on your needs