Marriage Preparation


First and foremost: Contact your parish and your diocese to determine the required marriage preparation procedures (sometimes called Pre-Cana). Typically, Catholic dioceses and parishes require some or all of the following:

  • 6 months’ notice before your wedding
  • meeting(s) with the pastor of your parish
  • a workshop/retreat with your diocese
  • FOCCUS Survey
  • a workshop on Natural Family Planning

Below are supplemental materials about Catholic marriage, and the domestic life. This list is not comprehensive, and ranges from academic tomes to early 20th century pamphlets to recent social media campaigns.


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Page 41 is missing, with the crucial heading, “It is not the correct thing to…". Page 45 is also missing. There is good practical advice in here, but with a heavy caveat that the author had some strong materialistic opinions, like the reception and the engagement ring should be as expensive as possible.

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From the International Catholic Truth Society:

Mixed Marriages

A mixed marriage is a marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic. Before the 1960s, mixed marriages were strongly discouraged across the board by the Church, and required a dispensation. The 1917 Code of Canon Law lists additional requirements (commonly called “The Promises”), such as: a promise from the non-Catholic spouse that any future children would be raised Catholic with no interference, and a promise that the Catholic spouse would do their best to convert the non-Catholic spouse. These conditions, albeit significantly watered down, still appear in the 1983 Code of Canon Law.

A wonderful example of how grave mixed marriages were considered can be found in Walter Jewell’s book (citation below).

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Fish Eater also includes a discussion of mixed marriages on their “Holy Matrimony” page.

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