Below is a quick visual walkthrough of a Latin Mass wedding, with photos from our wedding. (For more photos of Latin Mass weddings, visit the Latin Mass Society of Australia‘s facebook page.)


The priest(s) and altar servers may already be on the altar when the bride processes in, or the bride may process in behind the priest(s) and altar servers.

Once the bride processes in and comes to the groom, both sit as the priest begins his homily.

Once the homily is completed, the priest invites the couple to stand in front of him. The bride and the groom exchange vows.

Then the priest blesses the rings, and the bride and the groom exchange rings.

The couple is now married! Now, the wedding Mass (Missa pro sponso et sponsa) proceeds. Unique elements of the Mass will be noted here.

The Gloria and Credo are omitted from the nuptial mass. Because the homily was presented at the beginning of the rite of marriage, it is not included after the Gospel. Instead, the mass should continue directly to the Offertory.

After the Our Father, the nuptial blessing takes place. A video of our nuptial blessing can be found here.

After the final blessing of the priest and before the final procession, the couple may present flowers to Mary.